The Headquarters


Since 2011, the Catalan Film Academy has been located on 6 Passeig de Colom. It is a two-storey building, designed to express its mission. This space is part of the Bru Palace, built in the early seventeenth century and restored in 1994 by Rafaer Cáceres Zurita and brothers Esteve and Robert Terradas Muntañola.

As well as the offices, where the team organises and coordinates the services offered by the institution on a daily basis, the Academy HQ is also a hub for Catalan film, hosting promotional and publicity events to disseminate information and boost the industry.

The Hall

This is the Academy's reception area. A collage of photos of all members and honorary members decorates the entrance.

The Board Room

This is the where the Managing Board hold meetings. At least once a month, members of the board meet up to discuss relevant issues and make decisions on behalf of the Catalan Film Academy. It has a film bank of candidates and winners of the Gaudí Awards, available to members.

The Nunes Room

The second floor of the Academy's headquarters, named after the former director and founder of the Escola de Barcelona, José María Nunes, is especially designed for hosting a full range of events related to Catalan film, which include round table debates, press conferences, general debates, screenings, tributes, opening ceremonies and exhibitions. It has a 50-person capacity and is at the disposal of all ACC members and other interested parties who wish to launch or promote their projects and activities.

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For further information on hiring rooms, please contact the Academy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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